Welcoe Welcome to the private psychotherapy practice of Marianne Gunther



Art is the first language of the senses. If you ever had the pleasure of observing and playing with an infant, you know how the  creative impluse  is as immediate as eating and sleeping. 


Sadly we grow up and often lose this primary language or it becomes sublimated into productivity or buried by the strife and struggle of life. In my thirty years as an artist and psychotherapist, my greatest joy is guiding others to re-discover this " first language"  and awaken the inherent artist and healer within each of us.  

I've worked in a variety of settings and with a wide range of individuals;  Child Life pediatric programs, HIV/AID treatment centers, Palliative care & Hospice centers, medical detox,  inpatient psychiatric settings, and now with the ongoing pandemic, online telehealth sessions.  Within the last seven years my passion for integrating contemplative science, neuroscience and body centered interventions led me to the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science  and Psychotherapy's two year certificate program, integrating Mindful & Compassion based approaches to psychotherapy.